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Batteriespeicher book jacket

Translating the Guide to Commercial and Industrial Battery Storage

Batteriespeicher book jacketHE Translations are pleased to be translating from German a valuable new resource, a definitive guide to the commercial and industrial battery storage technology and products available today. This comprehensive guide has been researched and written by expert Dietmar Geckeler of German energy consultancy Denersol, who specialise in decentralised energy solutions.

The transition to sustainable energy sources, known in German as the Energiewende, faces a significant challenge when energy from renewables must be stored outside the active generation period to provide a continuous power supply. So what exactly are energy storage systems, and where do we find them, and how do we use them?

Denersol have studied the actual products in use on the ground today in Germany and report a wide range of technical applications and solutions. Demand for customised, cost-effective energy storage systems is growing, driven by climate protection commitments, expansion in renewable usage, and the transformation of the transport sector. Vehicle manufacturers are also making major investments in improving batteries as well as new storage technologies.

Stationary battery storage systems have enjoyed a 50% price reduction over the last four years, with over 100,000 domestic solar storage units active in Germany today. The need for replacement batteries for worn out and discarded batteries in the e-mobility sector has also sparked a surge in suppliers of battery storage systems for industry and commerce.

A key theme of this guide is exploration of possible applications and the resulting business and revenue models, with the focus on available providers of complete solutions. Many use similar battery technology, but different power electronics and control technology, which is often proprietary. From a user and system perspective this can make an enormous difference, so system buyers will greatly benefit from studying this guide, which you can now buy in English.

To gain a broader picture of the current energy transition, readers may also want to read Volker Quaschning’s Renewable Energy and Climate Change, with a second edition translated by HE Translations due out in 2019.