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Apostrophe again

A picture says more than a thousand word…

labourer hauling load of bricks

Today’s CPD reflections: “hard-worked”

A recent e-newsletter for language professionals contained the term “hard-worked”. It made me pause and reflect, possibly because at first glance I may have read it as “hard-working”, and I’m tired of politicians going on about “hard-working families”.

Further ‘research’ seems to indicate that the term isn’t particularly common, although – not entirely surprisingly – there is an entry in the Oxford English Dictionary, as a subheading under the very long entry for “hard”. Note in particular the oxen example in the OED.Continue reading full article…

It's not rocket science poster


Ob sich das – offensichtlich vom englischen Begriff rocket science abgeleitete/’übersetzte’ – Wort Raketenwissenschaft (gelesen hier, Erläuterung hier) im deutschen Sprachgebrauch einbürgern wird? Hmm, wohl eher nicht… In den Duden ist es bisher jedenfalls noch nicht vorgedrungen.

It's not rocket science poster