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New challenges: translation services in a post-Brexit economy

New challenges: translation services in a post-Brexit economy

New challenges: translation services in a post-Brexit economy

When we first started thinking about this article, the UK’s exit from the EU was certain. Article 50 had been triggered and there would be an incumbent Conservative government to steer the negotiations until 2020. Now of course we have a general election to think about. There are also rumblings that, should a new government seek to withdraw our notice, we may be accepted back into the EU fold.

However, let us return to thinking about the course we’re currently on. Britain’s notice to leave remains in place and, come 2019, we will have left the EU whether there’s a deal in place or not. We will need to form a new economic relationship with the EU, and our trading partners further afield will take on additional significance.Continue reading full article…

The English Pedantry


Can one be a translator without being a pedant?“, a colleague exclaimed rhetorically in an e-group for translators. The answer is clearly a resounding: “No!

The English Pedantry


On the other hand, in an article published in November 2015 under the heading “Taking on the pedants” in the Guardian Weekly, Steven Pinker is reported as saying: Linguists have long known that many of the alleged rules of usage are actually superstitions“.



Previous HE Translations logo

Appropriateness of flags to represent languages and the history of the HE Translations logo

In the past, a flag-based logo was used on the HE Translations website and on HE Translations business cards. For old times’ sake, here is an image of the original business card:

HE Translations, original business card

HE Translations, original business card

An illuminating blog post by James Offer under the heading “Why flags do not represent languages” prompted the abandonment of the flags. In essence, the blog states:

Flags are unique to a country or nation: but languages are often spoken across national borders. By using a flag for a language, you may confuse or even offend users.

Continue reading full article…

HE Translations banner

The impressive new HE Translations pull-up banner recently had its first outing at a railway industry event.

HE German Technical Translations roll-up banner; quality, service, satisfaction

HE Translations pull-up banner

Chez Herbert Cafe

Chez Herbert

An old school friend, who is a Francophile and usually spends the summer in southern France, had a summer holiday in Reunion Island this year and sent this photo with the caption “Die Folgen des Brexit” (Brexit consequences).

Chez Herbert Cafe

Dining philosophers problem

Linguistic research relating to the translation of the German term Nebenläufigkeit led to the conclusion that the English term is concurrency (not concurrence) and to further reading on the dining philosophers problem and Edsger Dijkstra, who is described as one of the very early pioneers of the research on principles of distributed computing.

An illustration of the dining philosophers problem
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