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National Space Centre, Leicester

From steam engines to rocket science

Abbey Pumping Station posterThe proposed new advertising slogan for HE Translations is “From Steam Engines to Rocket Science”. The slogan aims to highlight our diverse range of translation services that cater to a wide spectrum of clients, from industries centred on traditional machinery to cutting-edge space technology.

National Space Centre, Leicester

Leicester is home to two significant attractions: Abbey Pumping Station and the National Space Centre. Abbey Pumping Station is a Victorian pumping station that was essential in supplying clean water to the city of Leicester during the Victorian era. On the other hand, the National Space Centre is a unique museum and educational facility focused on space exploration and research.

By using the slogan “From Steam Engines to Rocket Science”, HE Translations emphasises that its translation services can aid clients in both traditional industries and advanced sectors. The proximity of Abbey Pumping Station and the National Space Centre in Leicester perfectly represents the progression of industries over time. HE Translations provides specialised language services for technical, engineering, scientific and industrial fields, making us an ideal partner for a wide range of businesses, regardless of their nature and complexity.

In summary, the new advertising slogan, “From Steam Engines to Rocket Science,” by HE Translations is an effective way to emphasise our broad capabilities in catering to diverse clients while incorporating the proximity of two significant attractions in Leicester, our main office base.