To see language in action today, check our list of random recent finds of people using German words in English. These terms are already included in our growing collection of German words used in English, which you can read here.

3 Dec 2019, The Guardian member newsletter (context: climate change):
Jon Watts literally took days to get to “Forest COP” on the Iriri river deep in the Brazilian hinterland.

Nov 2019, Doppelganger domains web page by Infinity Group:
Doppelganger domains are clones of legitimate domains but with a very slight difference…

17 Nov 2019, Charlie Connelly in The New European:
The original publication of The War of the Worlds was like a bombshell to an angst-ridden Britain suspicious of its neighbours. Now, why might the BBC consider a new adaptation so timely?

15 Nov 2019, Rana Foroohar in The Guardian:
This is part of a Kafkaesque financial shell game that has played out since the 2008 financial crisis.

24 Oct 2019, James Ball in The New European:
Dominic Cummings is using political blitzkrieg to tear down UK institutions.

14 Oct 2019, headline of article by Will Dron in The Sunday Times Driving newsletter:
OMG, M8: check out BMW’s luxury ringmeister

13 Oct 2019, Paul Bisceglio in The Atlantic on Eliud Kipchoge’s sub-two-hour marathon:
… appeared to spare no expense when it came to either the groundbreaking science or the marketing blitz leading up to the event.

09 Oct 2019, Stephen Bush in New Statesman after the phone call between Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel:
that Boris Johnson admits in writing that Kraftwerk are better than the Beatles

02 Oct 2019, W. Ranald Boydell in The Conversation on the climate crisis:
The irony is that disagreement about the merits of the article seemed to cause more angst than its subject matter.

02 Oct 2019, Deutsche Welle news:
Zebra shot dead after jaunt on German autobahn

01 Oct 2919, retweet by Oliver Daddow with comment:
Nice thread on the Kafkaesque search for the ‘how’ of #Brexit.

17 Sep 2019, George Monbiot on neoliberalism in Our Brezhnev Moment:
Far from eliminating bureaucracy, it has created a Kafkaesque system of mad diktats and stifling control.

11 Sep 2019, Stephen Bush in New Statesman:
Lee abstained on the 2013 equal marriage act and his voting record is a source of angst among Lib Dems…